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Our Expertise

ICB doctors and scientists are trusted leaders in providing stem cell, peptide treatments and related medical care. We specialise in cutting edge stem cell treatment and collectively have years of clinical experience. ICB utilise Western trained doctors, and our staff are multilingual.

The Stem Cell and Peptide Education Package Includes:

Period 1:

The Medical Doctors will attend a lecture presented by an array of experienced ICB Medical Doctors and Scientists. The lectures will detail the protocols for both processing adipose derived stem cells and also the administering of Peptide prescription and how both sciences work hand in hand.

For stem cells this includes fat harvest blood PRP preparation, fat and stem cell separation, stem cell activation, local injections and intravenous administration. ICB doctors will teach using our specialized protocols and treatment plans.

For Peptides this includes a detailed understanding of the various treatment programs available, the pharmacology of the peptides and how they synergistically achieve an outcome for the patient. These will include how the peptides can be used as an adjunct therapy with other therapeutic agents.

These lecture sessions will also include data from topics ranging from stem cell anatomy and physiology to stem cell classification. Other topics include recent applications using stem cells to treat patients and clinical studies on stem cells.

Lecture Agendas:

Lecture Agenda Peptide Treatment:

  • Data collection:
    • A comprehensive physiological system and full pathological profile.
  • Comprehensive work-up and medical history
  • Use of peptide treatment in functional medicine
  • Peptide treatment scheduling and IP protocols

Lecture Agenda Stem Cells:

  • Stem cell division and multiplication
  • Stem cell harvesting
  • Stem cell classification
  • Stem cell administration technique
  • Stem cell practical application

Period 2

Period 2 Practical Training

The second period of the training is really about the practical application of stem cells. We will treat individual cases applying ICB intellectual property protocols. These procedures will be applied so that the physicians can get one-on-one experience with the training doctors and patient in preparation to treat their own patients using stem cell therapy in the ICB centres or when they return to their medical facilities.

Specialist Equipment Education:

  • LED Light for stem cell Activation
  • 1 ADSC Kits with PRP preparation
  • Operating Procedure Equipment List
  • Operative Room Procedure Protocol

Materials Provided:

  • Easy to follow step-by-step manuals and PowerPoint presentations
  • Easy to follow step-by-step protocol for PRP
  • Easy Surgical and Clinical Equipment Ordering Guidelines