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What is the medical and purchase process?

Start Up Pack

The start-up pack is considered to be the most important step of the entire process! There are some other providers that simply ‘skip’ the step of checking all your health levels through a small blood sample. It would be highly neglectful to prescribe and/or administer prescription without knowing your current health levels. We understand not many people enjoy having their blood taken however to ensure your safety and success with the treatment we need to know your results.

The start-up pack is a complete screening and review of your medical information and test results. Every patient file is carefully evaluated by our dedicated team of qualified in-house Medical Doctors. Upon review the medical team completes an assessment report which is forwarded to the medical doctor who has been assigned your patient file. Your assigned Medical Doctor is the last set of eyes to review and sign off on your prescription.

If the results flag some areas of concern by the in-house Medical Doctors then the assessment report is forwarded to a higher authority team consisting of Medical Doctors, Pharmacologist and a Molecular Biologist for a detailed review. The higher authority team then conclude the advisable course of action. The vast majority of our patients are suitable for treatment.

The Patient Journey from start to finish
  • Complete the Patient Registration tab to register your interest and to have an Executive Consultant contact you to discuss pricing your basic requirements;
  • Discuss your requirements with the Executive Consultant until you are happy with proceeding with the prescribed program;
  • Complete the online medical questionnaire and return a signed copy of the consent form;
  • Pay the “Start-Up” fee (The prerequisite Start-Up package is explained in detail (scroll down);
  • Arrange and a suitable time to have your bloods taken for medical screening;
  • Allow 2 weeks for our internal medical team and assigned doctor to review your pathology results and patient information;
  • You will receive an email containing a formal letter from your assigned doctor to inform of your success and that your prescription is now being processed with our compounding pharmacy. If your results have anything adverse then this email will advise accordingly.
  • You will also receive a subsequent email to advise when you can anticipate your prescription program to arrive.
  • Receive and start your program!