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Melanotan-II is similar to a substance in our bodies, called "melanocyte-stimulating hormone," which increases the production of skin-darkening pigments. Given subcutaneously or transdermally will tan the skin and has been known to prevent skin cancers caused by sun exposure.

UV Exposure

Clinical data indicates the tanning efficiency of Melanotan II without the need to combine it with any UV exposure. but results can be achieved much faster, and usually with a nicer overall color, when you also incorporate 1-2 short tanning sessions per week with your Melanotan II usage. The reason for this is that while Melanotan II does significantly raise levels of melanin in the body, UV rays play an important factor in the secretion of the your body’s melanin in to surrounding skin tissue – melanin is of course being the brown pigment responsible for giving your skin its tanned appearance.

Minimizing side effects:
  • Always take your Melanotan II dosage directly before bed time.
  • Wear a physical sun block (eg. Zinc) on your lips to minimize darkening.
  • Never take more than 1 injection per day and never exceed your recommended daily dose.
  • Take an anti-histamine 1-2 hours before your injections to ward off any potential allergic reactions.
  • Always wear suitable eye protection outdoors (sunglasses) and indoors (tanning goggles).


Lighter freckles/moles and previously unseen moles may darken and become more visible with the use of Melanotan II. This can also occur naturally just by tanning; however, Melanotan II is known to speed up this process in some users. To reduce the chance of this effect you should initially not inject more than 2-3mg of Melanotan II into your body between each tanning session as it's hypothesized that tanning evens out the concentration of melanin in the body and prevents it from accumulating in existing freckles/moles (which are natural concentration points for melanin).

Similarly, to reduce the risk further, you can take a smaller dose and less frequent injections than is recommend and allow your tan to build more slowly.

Any freckles/moles that have darkened during the usage of Melanotan II will usually fade upon cessation of use; however, the time for this to occur will be different for each user. To speed up the process you should also avoid UV exposure or undergo laser freckle removal.


Any unhealed scars or wounds may darken disproportionately compared to the surrounding skin when using Melanotan II. It is recommended to ensure all scars are healed fully before commencing Melanotan II usage. While using Melanotan II any slight skin abrasions (such as cuts and scratches) may also darken so you should ensure extra care is taken of your skin during this time.

White Spots

These spots represent damaged areas of the skin where there is only a small amount of melanocytes/melanin and are due to a history of sunburn. They become noticeable during Melanotan II usage as the surrounding skin darkens but are not caused by its usage. Similarly if you notice larger white patches this is indicative of a fungal infection, which can be treated with anti-fungal medicines such as Nizoral, and is not caused by Melanotan II usage but only made more apparent when your skin is tanned.

Clinical trial of Melanotan II in humans.

Up until now the following study is the only scientific data available about Melanotan II used in human subjects for tanning. It indicates that the only side effects experienced after 2 weeks of daily usage were mild nausea, mild fatigue and spontaneous erections (the subjects were male). Baring in mind the dose they used was 3-4 times higher than what is now recommended for most people.

The positive effects documented in the trial were increased tanning of the face and body noticed by visual perception. This means the tanning was evident just by looking at their skin, despite the subjects not being exposed to any UV rays.

Product Information
  • Pre-diluted injectable -20mg @ 2000mcg/ml in 2 x 5ml vials
    40mg @ 2000mcg/ml in 4 x 5ml vials
  • Transdermal - 20mg @ 500mcg/ml in 4 x 10ml syringes

*Note: If you are a registered professional athlete please consult the ASADA or WADA guidelines and your coach, club and/or sporting body before using this peptide.