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Weight Management Program

The ICB weight management program will not only help you achieve your desired weight but will also help you maintain it too. Our protocol is a perfect blend of traditional methods and newly developed medical treatments which has seen many patients realise their ideal figure. You will be medically assessed and supported all the way through so you have nothing to worry about apart focusing on the result. Our specialist team of healthcare professionals will work together on your individual case to ensure a perfectly designed plan is provided to be suitable and effective. Take advantage of having the team work with you on realising your desired outcome.

Weight Management Program Description
Loss: [Very Obese] [Obese] [Balanced]
Select relevant mode of action
Gain: [Mild] [Moderate] [Balanced]
Select relevant mode of action
Medical Assessment
Each patient will have their pathology results and medical questionnaire reviewed by one of the ICB medical doctors.
Provided your medical history and test results are suitable; you will receive formal advice to proceed with your selected treatment program.
If there are areas of concern then your file will be reviewed by a team of peers to ensure you always receive the correct direction.
A predesigned peptide stack has been developed for this particular program.
In accordance with your medical requirements some peptides may be added to the mix to enhance your individual condition.
Once again your assigned medical doctor will provide you formal advice on what is suitable.
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that not only supresses hunger but also significantly enhances your metabolism so you burn that excess fat more efficiently.
Supplements / Vitamins
A table of supplements and vitamins will be provided to ensure your health needs are met during the program.
Tailored Dietary Schedule
A specialist dietician will design a specific schedule which fits the program requirements.
Tailored Workout Schedule
A specialist trainer will design a recommended training schedule which fits the program requirements.

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